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Street Light at 4619 S Los Feliz Dr

Burnt out street light at Fremont & Los Feliz Dr.
CLOSED about 10 hours ago #500565

Graffiti Removal at Sun Circle Trail Tempe

Graffiti on western canal path sign south of golf course. Also graffiti by same loser south of bridge east of the western canal sign
CLOSED about 10 hours ago #500251

Sign Damaged or Missing at 5501 South Mill Avenue Tempe

Missing stop sign Mill Ave and All American way intersection
OPENED about 15 hours ago #502033

Pothole at 2000 S Mill Ave

Pothole southwest corner mill and Broadway. On mill
CLOSED #495434 closed. South driveway for corner business plaza pothole filled with cold mix on NB Mill - about 20 hours ago

Downed Tree or Limb at 2225 S Country Club Way

On the north west side of Connolly, the sidewalk has cracks that are potential trip hazards
CLOSED #500748 found a small area that is cracked in between the two schools . is not a trip hazard at this time - about 20 hours ago

Pothole at 2000 S Mill Ave

Southwest corner of Mill and Broadway. Pothole is on mill 10' south of Broadway
CLOSED #495434 - about 20 hours ago

Sign Damaged or Missing at 525553 E Orange St

Bent a little
CLOSED This is on ASU property, found an email for their facilities department and let them know of the problem 07/22/16 Closed - about 20 hours ago

Pothole at 82008298 S Hardy Dr

#501933 - about 20 hours ago

Street Light at 1120 W Warner Rd Tempe

Do you have an estimate on when the missing street light will be replaced?
#501805 - about 20 hours ago

Pothole at 401 E Apache Blvd Tempe

South east corner or Normal and Apache on Apache in the bike lane 6ft east of the crosswalk 2nd request.
CLOSED #500096. 1 ft sq hole in bike lane filled in cold mix - about 21 hours ago

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